Is this still the border?

Soil from the border between Lithuania and Belarus, transported and presented in the same plastic bag.

As part of the residency ”Border as a place” in Mizarai, Lithuania, I decided to walk to the border of Belarus. With me I carried an empty plastic bag. This was in March 2022, soon after the war in Ukraine had started, and everyday in the recidency we could hear military bomb exercises from Belarus. Discussing the thematics of a border in many different ways, and being close to an active one, it became important for me to question the political border by using the actual material of the border between two countries.

At the border, which was close to a river, my hand dug out a moist piece of soil.

Later, at Muzeijaus galerija in the nearby town Druskininkai, I presented the soil, still warm and with a worm living in there. I presented it in the same plastic bag that I had carried it in, placed on the floor of the gallery. Was this piece of soil still the border?