Soft Letters

Handwoven weaves in wool, spraypainted steelbars and black matt fishing line
Size: 75 x 107 cm and 55 x 80 cm
Photos by Kunstdok

In her book on loneliness, Kart over ensomheten, author Hilde Østby mention that human skin has three different receptors. One for pain, one for itching and one for something that is around 35°. What is around 35°? The skin of another person.

I have long been interested in various forms of measuring time, by looking closer at invisible processes in and around us, like our teeth slowly decaying or how to get to know and eventually trust another person.

What is it to writing a letter to someone? What is happening in the moment when you sit down and focus on the receiver? If you are writing by hand, there is a connection between the mind and the hand, and you can read traces of the moment.

The works in this exhibition are hand woven, as a different form of writing. I made the decision to weave them because of the direct link between the time it takes to weave, and the time it takes to get close to another human being.